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  • 5 Inventory Checks per day
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  • 20 New Event Filter
  • Unlimited Email Notifications
  • 75 Inventory Checks per day
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Frequently Asked Questions

New Event Alerts

New Event Alerts allow you to set up searches which runs constantly and alerts notify you instantly email about new event announcements which match the search parameters you have setup. When setting up new notifications, you can use one or a combination of filters. When you have a combination in mind, it's a good idea to use the 'Search' button before you use 'Setup Alert'. This will give you some examples of previous and upcoming events (which have already been announced) which that combination of filters will detect. It is a good way to gauge if your search is too broad or too specific. For example, if you only enter "New York" for the city filter and hit 'Search' you will see that over 1400 pages of events currently announced matching the “New York” city filter. This search is much too broad and won't generate a manageable number alerts for you. Try narrowing the search by using specific venues, artists, or combinations of filters together. You will receive Audience and Audience / Venue rankings for each alert we send to you. These can help you prioritize the best events to consider buying. Audience Score: this is based on an Artist's social media tracker metrics from a number of different sites. Updated periodically. This is an overall relative popularity metric. Audience / Venue Score: this ranks an artist's popularity relative to other artists who have previously performed at a specific venue. This as a venue specific popularity metric. Please note: both scores tend to lag an artist's current popularity. If an artist has recently become "hot" they may have lower than expected scores for a time. This is especially true of the A/V scores in larger venues as they will be comparing their rank to more established artists. Conversely, if you're using the Audience/Venue score and a particular venue you like (a combination I highly recommend) be aware that using too high of an Audience/Venue score, for example 95-100, may not generate enough alerts for you, and perhaps an Audience/Venue range of 70-100 would still pick up quality events at that venue. Again, try the ‘Search’ button to see the types of previously announced events are picked up. You can certainly leave a 90-100 score and a venue search running but you may only receive a small number alerts for the absolute most popular shows there. Depending on your requirements, be aware of this.

Where can I get the Inventory Checking Extension?

Add the extension to your chrome browser here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tickops/bepfghodbgfaipmaakcbgjobcfiecnhe

Can I auto fill the low inventory alert data?

Yes! Use the TickOps extension and click 'Setup Automated Alerts'. Then go to TickOps.com > Inventory Alerts > + Add New and you will see data for that event listed below. Simply click 'select' and that event's data will auto fill above.

Which primary exchanges can use TickOps tools to check inventory levels on?

Currently TM/LN events can be monitored with TickOps Automated Low Inventory Alerts and TickOps Inventory Checking Extension.

Do I need a special browser and or proxy service to use any TickOps services??

No, you do not need any additional browser or proxy solution to use TickOps. Routing of checks happens remotely and does not require the use of your browser or a third party proxy service.

How do I get the TickOps Browser?

TickOps Browser v1.0 for Mac and PC is now available! Due to overwhelming demand we have an early release of our ticketing browser available. We do not have the ability to purchase it directly on our website yet. We will need to speak with you directly to setup billing and send you the browser file to download. You can schedule a demo here: https://calendly.com/tickops/20min

TickOps Extension Not Logging in / Login looping.

Occasionally you might encounter this issue if you have recently updated Chrome and the privacy settings have reverted back to their default settings. Here's a quick walk-through of what settings to adjust to ensure the extension works correctly. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18NbZYqWWLAPHHgfgGwEqX2PcDR3ooQUt/view?usp=sharing

TickOps Browser v2.6

TickOps Browser for Mac and PC is now available!